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Grab your audience by printing your message on a thin, durable and lightweight EL panel that not only lights up a sign but also provides eye-catching animation effects dramatically.

The graphics are designed and divided into several different sections that can be illuminated separately from one another, we can program and sequence these sections to provide an animated effect as we flash and/or fade the phosphor light in each of the sections in and out to create the impression of movement within a static printed image.

An EL signage or poster can serve all purpose but a lot better than a traditional lightbox.

For EL POSTER  we provide wide range of options as mount solution:

  • EL POSTER with alluminimum frame
  • EL POSTER mounted on PVC board
  • EL POSTER with suction mount
  • Double side EL POSTER 

Aluminum Framed EL signs

Electroluminescent panel based Aluminum frames are the best choice for advertising and photographic poster displays. The unique modern frame design bonded with state-of-the-art EL technology allow the bright backlit panel to present a true and crisp color image that features powerful eye catching effects.
We provide black slim aluminum frames that are 10mm wide. They can be easily hung on the wall with hooks on the back. The simple design makes the EL panel present a brilliant animation and powerful eye catching effect in such dark places like bars, restaurants, night clubs, casinos, and inside establishments.

Silver & Black Aluminum Frame

Black & White Aluminum Frame

Rail Profile (Frame Width)

Bleed Under Frame


Aluminium Framed EL signs

A double-side EL sign with aluminium frame


EL PVC Boards

We put 3mm PVC in the back of the panel and make holes on the top or every corner of the panel in order to install easier. By this way, it also can be hooked on every where. The simple and stylish appearance shows its eye-catching effect. 


PVC 3mm thick

PVC with Grommet hole

PVC back

PVC front

PVC Bottle Shape Front

PVC Bottle Shape Back

PVC finishing EL sign




 EL POSTER with  suction mount

Using  suction mount you can easy install EL Poster to glass, metal or plastic surface. This mount solution suited  for window and showcase EL applications. 

EL DOUBLE SIDE POSTER  is one of the popular solution for HoReCa. Esthetic holder and double side view more suited for promotion premium and luxury products.






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