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The Flexmedia EL Backpack Walking Flag is the perfect way to advertise while on the go.  It is constructed of an aluminum pole and banner arm with a single-reverse or double-sided Flexmedia EL Animated or Backli electroluminescent panel that measures approximately  40X125cm. This wearable EL display is lightweight and hands-free with side pockets for business cards or a drink and a waist strap for stability. It also features adjustable straps that are padded for comfort. The simple assembly of this mobile display takes a matter of seconds and doesn’t require the use of tools. Just put the poles together, insert into the backpack, mount the flag, and your client’s Flexmedia EL Backpack Backpack Walking Flag is ready to display! The Flexmedia EL Backpack Backpack Walking Flag is ideal for use outdoors to advertise a new ice cream shop on the boardwalk or indoors to promote a holiday sale at a shopping mall. They are also great at trade shows to push traffic to your client’s booth!

We provide three types of  EL Flag according to shape:

The each type can be single or double side
For single side version: the one side is EL panel, the other is PVC print. 
For double side version - the panels can be controlled separate or one inverter can control two panel. 
The both panel have velcro on the back side of each panel for keep panels as one. 


inverter and battry are in the backpack The backpack have two pockets  The hands are free  for brochures distribution 

Power supply
The inverter have input 12V, can be powered by 8AA battery packs 

or 12v compact battery.
For example:
Capability:14000mah      ~3-4 hours (depends of lighting area)  for double-side version
Output:5V/2A 12V/10A 19V/3.5A7 Input: 12V/1A 
Weight: 220g 6.8.Starting current: 200A 


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