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EL is a paper thin, flexible light source. EL International can print any artwork onto our EL panels, which can then be customised to illuminate and animate to any size, shape or animated sequence. EL brings artwork to life to ensure that any machine is more noticeable and eye-catching.
As well as having the ability to animate the EL panels on a Loop, our EL panels can now also be a part of the functionality of the game and can be programmed to react/ animate according to the user outcome. 
Our paper-thin Electroluminescent technology is therefore ideal for many applications in the Gaming industry such as Toppers, Multi-Gaming Toppers, Belly Glass, End Caps, General Advertising & Signage.
As our EL panels are paper-thin, they can bring light to areas in machines which would previously be impossible and we can produce animations that would not be possible using any other light source, making the machine more eye-catching. Our EL panels are now extremely bright and are in-line with the existing brightness and longevity of other components in the machines. For the above reasons, we see EL as the future light source for the Gaming industry.





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