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For our EL backlit products, we have WOWO and POWO. 

Our white backlight can be Pink OFF  White ON and  (referred to as POWO)

 or White ON and White OFF (referred to as WOWO). 

The POWO backlight is brighter than WOWO backlight.  

The WOWO EL backlight sign with UV protection that can be used for outdoor.

We suggest to our customers to choose a POWO for indoor use and WOWO for outdoor use. 

The brightness of POWO is higher than WOWO. If the backlit is for indoor use, 

we can print a layer of white ink to cover the pink color in order to let the EL sheet to look like a white color before lighting.

Maximum dimension of sign we can produce in one panel is within 100cm x 200cm for fully lit-up.
For the larger size panel over 120cm x 240cm, we will combine several panels together to make a whole display.

OVERLAP - OFF                                                                             OVERLAP - ON


For our backlit products we can provideup to  three animation effects:

Fixed Lighting + Flashing + Dimmer lighting.

The above animation can be done in one device, and you can press the switch to change the animation. 

We have wide range of samples of POWO backlits on the our stock, you can choose  different size and inverter with standard or advanced flashing modes. The list of samples  is updated every day, please refer to list of main available sizes, or download updated Factory Samples Price-List:(See tab "Backlit")  http://www.flexmedia.com/attached/FactorySamples_Price_List.xls 

 We also can do customized size or shape. Please contact to us for details.

Size of sample POWO Backlit
EL Panel
Inverter 3 modes:
(1) steady on,
(2) flashing,
(3) fade in - fade out
Price/ unit
Inverter 1 mode:
steady on,
or  flashing
Price/ unit
BI    (100x70.7cm) USD284  USD96 USD80
A1(59.4x84.1cm) USD194 USD60 USD50
A3(29.7x42cm) USD53 USD29 USD24
8.5″×11″(21.59x27.94cm) USD32 USD25 USD21
11“x14" (27.94x35.56cm) USD44 USD25 USD21
16″x20″(40.64x50.8cm) USD85 USD29 USD24
18“x24”(45.72x60.96cm) USD120 USD41 USD34
22″x28″(55.88x71.12cm) USD161 USD60 USD50
58x42cm USD94 USD41 USD34

You can use colored vinyl film with self adhesive on the back side, cutted manually or use  plotter. Then you can mount cutted logo on backlit EL panel for lighted background or apply to EL panel masked  vinyl (with the knockout logo) to make  lighted  logo. 


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