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EL advertising boards in a subway station can be really fantastic. These boards display bright colors and vivid flashing effects. They are sure to be a big attention getter.
For sizes over 240cmx120cm, we need to combine several pieces together and we just produce the EL part. The size of the Inter advertising board in the subway station is 3.5mx1.5m, combined by three different EL panels. You can paste the EL panel on the printable flex with double-sided tape. The flat cable can come out from the back of the printable flex background when we paste on it. Then you can hide the inverter and power supply at the back of it. For the printable flex, when you received the EL panel from us, you can purchase and print the printable flex according to the color of the EL panel. And it can avoid cause knitters in the shipment by fold packing if you prepare the printable flex at your local.  
If the size is under 240cmx120cm and partially lit up, we can make the EL panel the whole size and you just need to put it into a lighting box with Velcro. It's easy to install but the unit price is expensive. We also can make EL sections with double sided tape on the backside of the EL panel and you prepare the printable flex as background. This is an economy selection.
Please note, the inverter and power supply should avoid water and heat source and especially do not put the inverter on the lighting tube or the transformer.
Budweiser EL poster installation in Ukrainian subway station

L'Oreal EL signs in Beijing's subway station

FERRERO ROCHER EL sign installation at Beijing's subway station

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